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Floor Pads

Have you ever wondered if you have enough floor pads for a specific contract or bid? Check out this handy Pad Life Expectancy Guide to see how far a case of pads can take you.

Pads Variety Pack 30498

Dilution Basics

Proper chemical dilution is essential for proper cleaning and cost effective supply usage. Always check label instructions to see if a product is ready to use (RTU or no dilution required) or dilution ratio.

Dilution ratios are presented in one of two ways: either a direct measurement to water (1 oz per quart, 3 oz per gallon) or as a numeric equal unit ratio (1:12, 1:256) where the one is the chemical and the number after the colon is water. If given an equal unit ratio, this just means your units of measure must be the same. Let’s take 1:64 for example and discuss in terms of ounces. For every 1 oz of chemical, you will need 64 ounces of water. This will yield 65 total ounces of product. What if you are looking to turn this into a ounce per gallon measurement? You can use the chart below or do some quick calculations. One gallon of water is 128 ounces. To find how many ounces of your chemical to add to one gallon, you take 128 divided by 64 to equal 2 ounces per gallon.

We offer several tools to make measuring and diluting your chemicals easy and consistent. Next time you call or come in to our showroom, ask us to show you!